The Glenpool (OK) Chamber Of Commerce presented CheeZies Pizza CEO B.J. DuMond with their Lifetime Achievement Award during their annual awards ceremony on January 21st.

“I deeply appreciate being recognized in such a way by the Glenpool Chamber Of Commerce” said B.J. DuMond after receiving the award.  “CheeZies Pizza and sister brand Simple Simon’s Pizza have been in business in Glenpool for 32 years, and I estimate we have sold over two million pizzas during that time to – now, that’s a lot of pizza!”

“But, as I reflect, I also think about the many wonderful customers we have come in contact with over those 32 years in Glenpool, and all the young people we’ve hired and trained and influenced in a positive way, in what for many was their first job.  My hope is that we as a company will continue to have a positive influence on our employees in Glenpool, our fine customers, and the community as a whole in the years ahead.”

“People who’ve never lived in a small community sometimes don’t appreciate the wonder of it. The sense of community and of pride; the commitment of place and the passion for seeing it succeed,” said Glenpool City Manager Roger Kolman during his introductory remarks.

“B.J. DuMond is a person who does understand.  He was born and grew up in a small town, attended college in a small town, and worked his way up the ranks through a local store. He saw first-hand the strengths of small towns, and he set about building a company who’s mission is to help people in small towns realize their dreams of owning their own successful business.”

“For more than 30 years, B.J. has invested in the future of Glenpool by locating multiple businesses here, by building a new corporate office here, and by being a gracious and valued civic partner.  On behalf of the Glenpool Chamber of Commerce and  with the thanks of our entire community, I congratulate our Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, B.J. Dumond.”

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